3 Ways You Can Spot Meth

Methamphetamine hydrochloride, or meth, is a prescription drug known as Desoxyn and is used for treating ADHD along with other medical conditions. Outside of medical uses, this drug, commonly referred to as meth, is a dangerous drug that goes by a plethora of names, such as Crystal, Chalk, Crank, and Tweak, amongst many others. Recognizing methamphetamines can be tricky unless you are aware of the many types and forms meth takes, which changes depending on the market and available chemicals for production.

Would you recognize meth if you saw it? If you are questioning what does meth look like, you have landed in the right place. Below you will find such information on the many forms, looks, and flavors of meth. You may be surprised at the seemingly innocuous forms that meth takes on.

1. Powered Meth

Powered meth is sometimes referred to as chalk and is very similar in appearance to cocaine with its white or off-white coloring. The actual color of the drug can vary depending on the chemicals used in processing. In reality, the color of powered meth most often is a range from snow white to light brown. In this form, the drug can be snorted, smoked, or dissolved in water or alcohol for injection.

2. Crystal Meth

Crystal Meth resembles rock salt or shiny glass fragments and is produced by dissolving the powered meth in alcohol or acetone. Crystal meth appears as white or even clear; however, pop culture has affected the color of meth as well. In recent years blue coloring has been popular, with the characters from Breaking Bad creating blue meth in the series. Crystal meth can be smoked or injected after being dissolved.

3. Meth Tablets or Pills

Aside from Desoxyn, used for legitimate health concerns, meth does come in pill and tablet form used by drug abusers for recreational use. These red or green pills, sometimes called Yaba, often have a WY marking. Yaba is meth combined with caffeine and was initially very popular in Asian countries, although this form has spread worldwide. When people think about what does meth look like, many aren’t looking for pill form.

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Recognizing Meth

One way that dealers move large amounts of methamphetamines is by dissolving large amounts of the drug in water and storing it in barrels. This method allows them to transport vast quantities, often without detection by the authorities who are not looking for the drug in this form. This syrupy concoction is yellow to brown and will later be converted to the powered form when it reaches its final destination. You will not find this form of meth on the street for the end user.

When asking what does meth look like, you must first understand the forms that it comes in. There are many ways to abuse meth, and depending on the user’s choice, meth comes in many colors, formats, and even flavors. Additionally, pure meth is odorless, but the chemicals used in processing meth leave behind a horrible odor when used, which is commonly described as cat urine, rotten eggs, ammonia, and other unsavory smells.

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