What are the Common Services Offered by Judgment and Fee Collection Attorneys in New York?

When dealing with unpaid legal judgments, fees, and other financial disputes, individuals and businesses often turn to professionals who specialize in the field of collections and enforcement. Judgment and fee collection attorneys are legal experts dedicated to ensuring that their clients receive the funds rightfully owed to them. 

This blog will help you learn more about how these legal professionals can assist in reclaiming financial dues.

Enforcement of Legal Judgments

One of the primary services offered by judgment and fee collection attorneys is the enforcement of legal judgments. When a court awards a judgment in favor of an individual or business, it doesn’t guarantee immediate payment from the debtor. In fact, collection attorneys step in to ensure that the judgment is enforced, utilizing legal mechanisms such as garnishments, levies, and liens to secure payment from the debtor’s assets.

Collection of Legal Fees

Legal professionals, especially those working on a contingency or with clients who may be financially unpredictable, often face challenges in collecting their dues. Collection attorneys specialize in recovering these legal fees, navigating through complex agreements, and employing effective strategies that respect both parties’ legal rights while ensuring that the owed fees are collected in a timely manner.

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Collection of Commissions

Sales professionals, brokers, and agents frequently encounter situations where commissions earned through their hard work are withheld. Whether due to disputes over the terms of the agreement or the unwillingness of the party to pay, collection attorneys can intervene. They understand the nuances of commission-based agreements and possess the skills required to recover these earnings efficiently.

Fraudulence Conveyance Cases

Fraudulent conveyance cases involve situations where debtors attempt to avoid debt collection by illegally transferring assets to third parties. Collection attorneys have the expertise to tackle these complex cases, working to reverse such transactions and bring the assets back into the debtor’s estate to satisfy the creditor’s claims.

Domestication of Out-of-State or Foreign Judgments

The process of enforcing a judgment from one jurisdiction in another, known as domestication, can be intricate. Collection attorneys assist in this process by understanding the legal requirements of different jurisdictions and facilitating the recognition and enforcement of out-of-state or foreign judgments, allowing creditors to pursue their debtors across borders.

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