Microsoft Teams Time Tracking Apps

microsoft teams time tracking feature that allows employees to clock in and out for shifts. It also allows employees to view their punch status in real-time. However, this software lacks features that structured time management programs offer.

Set up standardized naming conventions for projects and tasks to ensure clarity and consistency. This can help streamline reporting and analysis.


TimeDoctor is a productivity tracker that helps you keep your team focused and productive. Its suite of premium analytic reports and features includes distraction alerts, daily activity metrics and project and task tracking. It also enables supervisors to recognize top performers and coach underperformers with a variety of productivity data.

The software is easy to use for employees, who receive onscreen prompts and a PDF onboarding manual. Administrators can set up payroll for both hourly and salary employees, choose pay periods and currencies and upload timesheets for hassle-free automatic or manual approval.

The software also tracks mobile devices, allowing employees to clock in from anywhere with a stable Internet connection. Additionally, it can track offline activity and automatically sync data with the server when the employee returns to a working network. It also provides daily and weekly reports on application and website usage, and allows employees to log hours spent on particular projects and tasks.


Clockify is a no-nonsense time and attendance solution that doesn’t overcomplicate things. Its basic features are available across all plans, while more advanced tools are reserved for those willing to pay more. The system has an excellent knowledgebase that includes articles and video tutorials. There are also several chat and email channels where staff can get help from support representatives.

The software comes with a variety of useful features, including automatic tracking of apps, websites, and documents. It allows managers to categorize tracked time and compare project estimates against actual time spent on tasks. Managers can also create reports based on the data they gather. These can include a weekly report, time off request, and expense report. The mobile app also works offline, which can be an advantage for field workers. Admins can also set up kiosks where on-site staff can clock in and out. They can even clock in for other team members using a PIN code.

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Timesheets are a tool that helps employees document their work time on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. A good timesheet application is intuitive and easy to use and allows for flexibility in working remotely or at the office. In addition, it should also have robust analytics and reporting features.

One such feature is the ability to identify projects or tasks that are not producing much value for a business. This information can help managers make the necessary cost-cutting decisions. It can also help them allocate funds and resources to high-value activities.

Another useful feature is the capability to provide reminders for upcoming tasks and project deadlines. This can help employees stay disciplined and ensure that they meet their deadlines. Additionally, it can help them avoid overworking and ensure they get enough sleep. It can even help them plan their work schedules effectively. These features are essential for any project-based company or organization. They help companies meet their goals and ensure that they are meeting their client’s expectations.


AttendanceBot is a software solution that automates time tracking, vacation management, and shift planning. It’s an easy-to-use app that is a great option for remote employees. The app maintains a live record of clock ins and outs and exports accurate timesheets in Excel. It also lets employees log billable hours for clients and projects. It’s a good option for teams that use Slack or Microsoft Teams as their workplace communication platform. However, several users have reported unhelpful customer service.

The software runs within Slack, G Chat, or Microsoft Teams and allows employees to simply send a “in” or “out” message to automatically record their work hours. It also allows supervisors to approve or decline leave requests and can be synced with Gusto payroll. The app is a good fit for remote workers and small businesses. It’s also helpful for independent contractors who need to track project hours and billing. It supports a wide range of leave types and accruals and can be customized to match your organization’s policies.

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