How to Create Facebook Stories Ads?

‘How to create Facebook Stories Ads?’ is a frequently asked question nowadays. Facebook Stories Ads are a fantastic method to advertise to a broader audience and boost brand engagement. These are fantastic ways to highlight your goods or services or make a fun advertisement that visitors will appreciate.

The process of making a Facebook Story Ad is quite simple. You must first produce the video or image advertisement you want to use. Once you have your ad, visit Facebook Ads Manager and set up your ad account. You can choose the types of advertisements as you like. You can choose slideshow, image, or video ads.

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You can construct your Story Ad and publish it on Facebook once you’ve finished all of these steps. Viewers can interact with your brand through your advertisement, which will appear in the Stories section at the top of the News Feed. Let’s learn how to create facebook stories ads. 

What is a Facebook Stories ad?

You can post a brief, episodic video on your Facebook Page as a Facebook Stories advertisement.You may engage your audience in a fullscreen, immersive atmosphere with stories advertisements. Both the Meta Business Suite mobile app and Meta Ads Manager allow you to design adverts for use in stories.

An advertisement of this type can be found in the Stories section of a user’s Facebook page. In between tales from friends and relatives, a full-screen advertisement appears. These advertisements often consist of 15-second films or pictures that briefly display before fading. They have the potential to captivate viewers more than static ads do and to reach a larger audience.

How do you create a Facebook Stories ad?

For creating facebook ads, we generally need to follow some steps, which are mentioned below:

1.First, go into your Facebook Ads Manager account.

2. Under the page’s header, click “Create Ad.”

3. From the list of objective possibilities, choose “Stories.”

4. Fill out your ad’s information, including the text, photos, and call to action.

5. Decide on your target market, spending limit, and ad placement.

6. Send the ad in for evaluation.

7. As soon as your ad is accepted, Facebook Stories will be automatically updated with it.

What are the benefits of using Facebook Stories ads?

Facebook Stories Advertising is a powerful tool for engaging current and potential customers. Using Facebook Stories Advertising has several advantages, including:

1. Attract a Larger Audience: Facebook Stories Advertising allow you to connect with users who might need to be brand followers on the social media site. It’s a fantastic approach to boost engagement and brand recognition.

2. More Visibility: Stories Advertising have a prominent location at the top of the News Feed, giving them more exposure.

3. Targeted Advertising: Facebook Stories Ads let you use customized messages to target particular audiences. By doing this, you can be sure that the individuals most likely to be interested in your advertisement will see it.

4. Interesting Content: Stories Advertising have interesting, appealing, and vivid imagery. As a result, they are more likely to be observed, remembered, and responded to.

5. Measurable Results: Using Stories Advertising, you can track which advertisements work best and optimize campaigns to get the most remarkable outcomes.

How do you create a compelling Facebook Stories ad?

1. Choose a strong image or video: Begin by selecting an arresting and pertinent image or video for your Facebook Stories advertisement. Make an effort to ensure that the images you choose creatively and memorably convey your message or service.

2. Add a clear heading: The headline must be succinct but command attention. It should also invite people to click and clearly state the message of your advertisement.

3. Make the copy succinct and to the point: Keep it to the end while composing the copy for your advertisement. Use straightforward language that anyone can understand, and try to keep your attention on the central point you want to express.

4. Include a call-to-action: Ensure your advertisement features a prominent call-to-action that motivates viewers to act. This could involve anything from downloading a voucher to visiting your website.

5. Examine many ad variations to determine which ones perform best. This will enable you to maximize your Return and make the most of your budget.


Creating a Facebook Stories ad is straightforward. First, choose an objective for your ad, like website visits, app installs, or video views. Then, create your ad using images, videos, and text to convey your message. Finally, set your budget and target audience and launch your ad. With the help of Facebook’s powerful advertising tools, your ad will be seen by the right people at the right time.

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