How to Connect Headset to Xbox Without Adapter

If you are one of those who enjoy online gaming as their favorite hobby or pastime, then you have certainly reached the right spot. Well, you must then own an Xbox one, right? And the process is completed only when you do it with your headset. We are here to give you all a guideline on how to connect headset to xbox one without adapter and after reading this blog, you all will be thanking us. Also, there are ways to connect headsets to Xbox via an adapter but we will be discussing ones that do not involve the use of an adapter.

Can you connect the headset to Xbox one without an adapter?

The answer is yes, you can very easily. You cannot doubt technology when it comes to making advancements. Mostly, people would use an adapter to connect their headset to Xbox one but it is rightly possible to do so without using an adapter. And that is what we are going to tell you next i.e., connecting the headset to Xbox without an adapter.

What is the method to connect the headset to Xbox one without an adapter?

Without an adapter, another way to connect the headset to Xbox is to use a 3.5 mm audio jack. The process to make this connection is done by the following method:

  • You need to synchronize both devices to establish a connection between them via the controller.
  • After checking that your controller is enabled to integrate a 3.5 mm jack, connect the Bluetooth transmitter to that jack.
  • Now, pressing the sync button will enable the option of connecting your headset to the Xbox controller.
  • And that is it, yes! Now enjoy your time as both devices are connected.

Is it possible to connect the headset to Xbox without the sync button?

Yes, it is also possible and let us see how it is. 

  • For this, search for the Bluetooth connection option on your device and scan it. Available devices will start appearing. Always remember to keep the headset on and only then it will appear on the devices list after scanning. Once you find it, you can pair them up and connect. The indicator will stop flashing once both devices are connected.
  • Hence, the possible ways by which you can connect your headset to Xbox one without an adapter are given above. It is relatively easy to connect both devices without an adapter but most people are unaware of it as they choose the old-school route of using adapters. Well, that completely depends on their preferences. But always make sure, while connecting both devices first wait a minute or two till your Xbox recognizes your headset and then you can follow up the process.

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Bottom line:

The bottom line is that whenever it comes to your mind how to connect the headset to Xbox one without an adapter you can simply turn up to this space and you won’t face any problem after that.

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