Artisan Roast Coffee

Distinguish, differentiate, define: these are the guiding words of a new generation of artisan growers who will shape the future of boutique coffee. They are emulating the wine industry by finding ways to distinguish their harvest.

Whether it is in the cup or on your plate, artisan roasts offer an unmatched coffee experience. It begins with choosing the right beans and then roasting them to perfection.


Freshly roasted coffee is more flavorful and has a higher level of aroma. This is because freshly roasted beans have more aromatic molecules than those that have been sitting on the shelf for months.

Artisan roasters choose only the best beans from single-source suppliers around the world. This allows them to improve and highlight the unique flavors of each bean. They also roast the coffee close to the shipping date in order to preserve the freshness of the brew.

Unlike the mass-produced coffee of large chain stores, artisan roasters use a combination of science and sensibility to control the roasting process. They examine the raw product (green coffee beans), and the specific characteristics of each batch to determine the ideal roasting profile.

This artisan approach is happening across the country in restaurants, wineries and local food producers. It is a movement to return good taste and quality back to the food we eat, one hand-kneaded boule at a time.

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Unlike mass-produced coffee, artisan roasters take the time to focus on the origin of each bean. This helps them bring out the delicate flavors of the bean, and allows them to create a unique coffee experience.

A lot of artisan roasters will also choose to source their coffee from single-source suppliers. This ensures that the quality of their coffee isn’t compromised by sourcing beans from multiple locations. It is also more environmentally friendly as they don’t need to transport the coffee from different areas.

They will also have their coffee roasted close to its shipping date. This will ensure that it is fresh and won’t lose its flavour through exposure to oxygen. They may even roast their own beans on site to guarantee that they are getting the best possible result. One example of this is Ramble, a family-owned artisan coffee roaster that started from a Williamsburg barbershop. They now stock their coffee at some of the largest retailers in the US.


As the name implies, artisan coffee is made with care and attention to detail. It is carefully sourced and slow-roasted to bring out the best flavor in the beans. It is also made with high-quality ingredients to ensure that the end result is delicious.

Artisan growers are emulating the wine industry by promoting their own “terroir” and differentiating their harvests. They are exerting more control over their coffee, classifying it by micro-region, varietal (coffee plant) and milling process. This is a break from the custom of selling their harvest to middlemen who would blend it anonymously with other coffee from the region before export.

The Ohio Artisan Collective is proud to feature artisan coffees from local growers! We offer several different types of artisan roasts, including our popular Chef Bob’s coffee. You can find it at our Aurora Farms Premium Outlets location, and you can even try it at one of our coffee bars.


A roaster is the heart of an Artisan roast coffee shop. It evenly heats the beans to create the smoothest cup of coffee. The roasting process can be delicate, as a small mistake can ruin the flavor of the beans. An expert coffee roaster understands the importance of a consistent grind and proper roasting time. They can help you choose the right roaster for your business.

The first crack is the stage of the roasting cycle when the beans begin to pop open like popcorn popping. It is a crucial point in the roasting process because it allows the roaster to control the development of the coffee bean, which will determine its flavor profile. The Hottop KN-8828B-2K+ with Artisan software is a great home roaster for those who want to exert full control over their roasts and perfect their profiles. The software is surprisingly robust and provides near-professional capabilities. It lets you record bean and environmental temperatures, add notes, follow prior roasts, produce spider graphs, and much more

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